Franklin Electric
4" Submersible Motors
6" Submersible Motor
Super Hurricane
  • Franklin's single phase submersible control boxes are suitable for outdoor mounting with operation over temperature range of +14° F to + 122° F
  • Start and run winding overloads protect the motor from failure due to abnormal operating conditions
  • Available in 2,3,5 HP ratings, the DELUXE Control box with a magnetic line contactor eliminates the need for auxiliary contactors and heavy duty pressure switches
  • A heavy duty terminal strip with box type lugs makes it easier to install up to #2 AWG wire
  • Ground screws provide a means for grounding the control box to the power supply ground
These motors are built for dependable operation in 4 diameter or larger water wells. Temperature and time rating continuous in 86°F (30°c) water at 1/4 ft./sec. Flow past motor. Rotation: 1Ø, CCW facing shaft end. 3Ø, electrically and mechanically reversible.

For furture information, refer to Service Data Page 263 SD-"Submersible Motors: Application, Installation, Maintenance Manual."
  • Corrosion-Resistant Construction
  • Stainless Steel Sploined Shaft
  • Hermetically-Sealed Windings
  • Anti-Track Self Healing Resin System
  • Water Lubrication
  • Filter Check Valve (Water Well)
  • Kingsbury-type Thrust Bearing
  • Pressure Equalizing Diaphragm
  • Sand Fighter Slinger
  • Built-In Lighting Arrestors (1 Ø)
  • Removable Water-Bloc Lead Installed In North American 60 HZ Rated Water Well Motors. Consult Factory For Additional Leads.
  • NEMA Mounting Dimensions
  • U.L. 778 Regognized
  • CSA C22.2 #108 Certified
  • Ni-Resist: Special construction option for some Salt Water and high pH applications
  • #316 Stainless Steel: Special construction option for Acid, low pH, and Seawater applications
  • Oil Stripper: Special construction option for Secondary Oil recovery wells, Geothermal, or other applications with high ambient temperatures Consult Factory for construction details
  • World Wide Adaptability: All standard voltage and hertz ratings are offered - Consult Factory for availability
WARNINGS: Serious or fatal shock may result from failure to connect all metal plumbling, and the motor, if outside a drilled well, to the power supply grounding terminal with no wire smaller than motor cable wires. Do not use motor in swimming areas.
Single Phase Capacitor start, capacitor run (control box required)
hp kw "L" Dimension
3 2.2 23.62 55 25.0
5 3.7 29.62 70 31.8
Three Phase (Special Control Required)
3 2.2 20.62 44 20.0
5 3.7 23.62 55 25.0
7 1/2 5.5 29.62 70 31.8
10 7.5 43.89 120 54.4
60 Hz - Nominal 3,450 RPM
50 Hz - Nominal 2,875 RPM
Component Environment Type
Water Well
(316 STNLS)
1. Castings Gray Iron, Nickel Plated Ni-Resist Type 1B 316S.S.
2. Stator Shell 301S.S. 316S.S 316S.S
3. Stator Ends Low Carbon Steel 316S.S. 316S.S.
4. Shaft Extension 303Series S.S., Except 17-4S.S. On 5-10hp 17-4S.S.-All 17-4S.S.-All
5. Fasteners 300 Series S.S. 316S.S. 316S.S.
6. Seal Cover Bronze 316S.S. 316S.S.
7. Seal Nitrile Rubber Lip Seal Viton, Carbon, Ceramic Face Seal Viton, Carbon, Ceramic Face Seal
8. Diaphragm Nitrile Rubber Type 200 Hydrin Type 200 Hydrin
9. Diaphragm Plate 304S.S. 304S.S. 304S.S.
10. Diaphragm Spring 302S.S. 302S.S. 302S.S.
11. Diaphragm Cover 304S.S. 316S.S. 316S.S.
12. Slinger Nitrile Rubber Nitrile Rubber Nitrile Rubber
13. Lead Wire (or Cable) XLPE *2 *3 *3
14. Lead Potting Epoxy Epoxy *3 Epoxy *3
15. Lead Jam Nut 303S.S. 316S.S. *3 316S.S. *3
16. Filter Delrin & Polyester 316S.S. Plug 316S.S. Plug

Removable Type Installed In North American 60 Hz Rated Water Well Motors. Consult Factory For Additinal Leads.
*3 Ordered separately

Specification subject to change without notice. Contact F.E. if current material types are required for bid specifications.
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